Our purpose is to provide the highest instruction in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  To this end, we offer a full spectrum of classes and workshops, designed to communicate the essence of Ashtanga to everyone who wants to learn.  Our teaching reflects our understanding of Ashtanga as an exploration, which opens up the experience of the body, and exposes us to the unfathomable depth of embodied experience. This understanding informs our approach to teaching, which encourages philosophical inquiry and somatic experimentation, to empower students to unlock the phenomenal potency of this unique contemplative form.


Mysore classes provide a quiet and contemplative atmosphere for the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  In these classes, you practice the Ashtanga sequencing to the cadence of your own breath, while receiving personal guidance from the teacher and silent support from the community.  Learn more about our Mysore classes on our Mysore page.

Level I is our Intro class.  It covers the fundamentals of breath, movement and postural form while offering detailed instruction on alignment and gazing point.  The method of instruction is verbal and precise, but without losing touch of the visceral experience.  This class is appropriate for beginners, but more experienced students can benefit from the instruction as well.

This class is for more experienced students.  It offers detailed instruction on breath, movement and postural form while exploring the internal details of alignment.  Together with bandha and mudra, it introduces ways of working with opposing tensions in the body to realize the postures from the inside out.

This class is for experienced students only.  It explores the subtle dimensions of Ashtanga through open experimentation.  It invites direct inquiry into the psychodynamics of alignment, by asking us to suspend our impulses of control, connect to internal sources of support, and rediscover the balance between openness and stability.

Led Primary guides you through the complete Primary Series using the Sanskrit count.  Integral to the traditional Ashtanga practice week, this class assumes considerable proficiency with the Primary Series.  The emphasis is not on learning the postures, but on moving together through the postures in a rhythmic flow.

Meditation is the essence of yoga.  In our meditation classes, we practice meditation from traditional seated postures.  Our meditation classes are held monthly, on the Saturday closest to the full moon.  These sessions contain philosophy, practice and instruction for people of all levels of experience.  Led by Gerry Weiner, a senior meditation instructor and seasoned scholar of Tibetan contemplative traditions.

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Our courses are designed to expose the essence and flow of the practice, while teaching the subtle techniques that make the practice vibrant. When you embody what you learn in our courses, you will practice more intelligently, more safely, and with refined awareness of the internal forms.  To check on upcoming courses, visit our Workshops page.

This course is for absolute beginners.  It offers gentle instruction in the fundamental practices of mindful breathing, supported movement and balanced postural form.  Anyone who is interested in yoga can take this course.

Intro to Mysore is an excellent way to begin Mysore practice at the Yoga Workshop.  This course covers the fundamental breath and movement patterns of the Ashtanga system, while introducing the subtle techniques of bandha and mudra that bring the practice alive.  Those who take the course are encouraged to start practicing Mysore concurrently, and registration includes an unlimited Mysore pass for the duration of the course.

The Primary Series is called “Yoga Chikitsa” or yoga therapy.  It is designed to stimulate apana, the downward moving force in the body and mind that is responsible for dissolution and release.  In this course, we look closely at the energetics and mechanics of this remarkable series, and we learn to unlock its full potential.  We cover every posture, breath and movement pattern of the series, with special attention to alignment and flow.  This course is appropriate for people who are still learning the sequencing, as well as for people who are refining their practice of this foundation series.

The Second Series, Nadi Shodana, awakens the internal breath, by teaching us to balance openness and stability. In this course, we study the flow of the internal breath across the complete arc of the Second Series. We explore the details of postural alignment while learning modifications and strategies for working with difficult postures.  The course is appropriate for anyone who has started the Second Series formally in the Mysore setting.

Further Study

At the Yoga Workshop, we offer many opportunities for further study, beyond our regularly scheduled classes.  These include special and advanced workshops, practice intensives, and retreats in inspiring locations.  Mary and Richard, our founders, mentors and senior teachers, offer regular intensives at the Yoga Workshop, including their highly respected month-long intensive for yoga teachers.  You can read more about their intensives here.