Where to Begin

Would you like to study Ashtanga with us?  Our doors are open to you, and we would be pleased to teach you Ashtanga from the very beginning.  We understand how daunting that first class or workshop can be from the outside, but we can assure you an easeful, gentle and enriching experience. Our purpose is not to contort your body into impossible shapes, but to empower you to rediscover your body, and open new spaces in your mind, with this unique contemplative form.

There are no requirements of physical ability. We can adapt the practice to anyone who wants to learn.  Whatever your situation, we can teach you Ashtanga Vinyasa, and we can continue to guide you as your practice evolves.

There are two ways to start.

  1. Come to class.  Come to Mysore or Fundamentals and we will begin teaching you the Ashtanga method.  There is nothing you need to know in advance.  We will take care of you.
  2. Take an Intro course.  Our Intro to Mysore course covers the basics of breath, gaze and postural form.  The course is designed to support your learning process, while helping you develop a Mysore practice of your own.

If you are a beginner, the Intro course will be of immense benefit.  It will give you a solid foundation upon which to build.  However, it is not required.  If there is no space in an upcoming course, or if the courses do not work with your schedule, you can come directly to Mysore or Fundamentals.

To check for upcoming courses, visit our Workshops page.  To learn more about Mysore classes, read our Mysore page.

The practice is to see ourselves in the present moment, and to see the present moment with open eyes, as something entirely new, unprecedented, and unique. This requires that we have an open mind, one that is clear and uncluttered by knowledge and technique.  So unlike other endeavors, where we advance by acquiring skills and experience, here the practice is to divest ourselves of what we have acquired through experience, and allow ourselves to be fully present with what is.  In this practice, there can be no advancing, for there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do, but open ourselves fully to the present moment, and allow ourselves to be.  In this practice, we must be perpetual beginners.

What To Expect

On your first day of Mysore, expect your practice to be simple and relaxed.  Our method is to ease you into the practice, while allowing your body time to adapt.  We show you a sequence called Sun Salutations and you practice that sequence on your own, following the cadence of your breath.  You practice this sequence as much you like, then you take rest.  When you return, you repeat the sequence that we showed you, and if you are comfortable with what you have learned, we show you more.  In this way, your practice slowly builds, without the effort of memorization.  Soon you find yourself practicing long sequences in an organic and spontaneous flow.

In our Fundamentals class, we take a more didactic approach.  We guide you through short sequences selected creatively from the Ashtanga system to illumine different dimensions of the form, and we annotate the sequences with explanation. We break the postures into various component parts so you can experience them with analytic clarity, while giving you precise instruction on breath, alignment, and gazing point. These classes make an excellent supplement to Mysore for beginning practitioners. When you embody what you learn in these classes, you will practice more intelligently, more safely, and with refined awareness of the internal forms.

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