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Rediscover the depth of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Awaken each morning to an inspiring Mysore-style practice, followed by gentle but potent sessions of chanting and pranayama. In the afternoons, absorb generous teachings on philosophy and technique, organized lovingly to illumine our theme. Then take time to laugh with friends, explore the Mediterranean, or recline and reflect on your experience.

The theme of our retreat is compassion, for compassion is truly the nectar of yoga. It comes over us by grace when we open ourselves to the fullness of the present moment. In this special week of study and contemplation, we learn to see compassion as the essence of yogic consciousness. Meditating on stories and images of Siva, the divine patron of yoga, we identify the internal forms that bring compassion alive. Then we explore these forms in the context of Ashtanga Vinyasa, rediscovering the phenomenal potency of the practice, and opening ourselves for a taste of the divine.

expense: €300 for the yoga plus accommodation
– in a double room with private bathroom: € 649
– in a double room with shared bathroom: € 579
– in a triple room with private bathroom: € 549

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