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Upcoming Events

Full Moon Meditation

Saturday, April 28 | 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join us each month, on the Saturday nearest the full moon, for a special evening of practice and instruction in meditation.  These events are guided by Gerry Weiner, a senior student and scholar of Tibetan Buddhism and member of the Nalanda translation committee.   Through gentle and methodical instruction, Gerry will help you find an appropriate posture to hold when sitting or practicing walking meditation; teach you how to work with thoughts, feelings and emotions while practicing, introduce you to traditional techniques to help bring the mind to a relaxed and clear state; and help you to connect with the natural source of openness and compassion within you. These sessions will also include short discussions of the teachings of the past meditation masters of Tibet and India.  The sessions typically include both sitting and walking meditation. Chairs are available for those who have difficulty sitting on a meditation cushion.

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Intensives

Teaching with the Hands

In this 5-day intensive, we explore the art of teaching with our hands.  We consider how and when to use our hands, and when to use other means.  We discuss the issues of intimacy, privacy and vulnerability that come along with using our hands to assist.  And we consider the crucial skill of making space for power dynamics to dissolve.  On a more technical level, we work through a wide spectrum of adjustments from the Ashtanga syllabus.  We practice them one by one, experimenting with them on the unique bodies of our peers, and then sharing our insights about the experience.  Full tuition $600.  Reservation deposit $300.  More information here.

Mary Taylor and Ty Landrum | August 6 – 10

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Summer Intensive

Ashtanga is said to be a moving meditation, but what exactly does this mean?  How can a practice of breath and movement expand our consciousness?  How can it uncover the fundamental elements of our psychology, and allow us to engage those elements more intimately?  How can it draw us out of ourselves, make us more present, and awaken our compassion for other beings?  In this intensive, we explore these questions on the medium of our own bodies.  We study the internal dynamics of Ashtanga, and we uncover the simple but potent techniques that bring the practice alive—tracing internal currents of breath, balancing subtle patterns of sensation, moving our bodies from the inside, and settling ever more deeply into our own skin.  Tuition $1200.  Reservation deposit: $400.  More information here.

Ty Landrum | August 13 – 24

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Upcoming Courses

Intro to Mysore

Take our 4-week introduction and join the Mysore community at the Yoga Workshop.  Learn the fundamentals of breath, movement and postural form as we help you develop a Mysore practice of your own. Instruction is gentle and sensitive to individual needs. No experience necessary. Beginners are absolutely welcome. Limited to 10 students.  Includes an unlimited 30-day pass.  Please register online. $160

Ashley Hixon | Sundays | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

April 8 – April 29


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